5 more reasons you’re not losing weight


We all know: drinking lots of water, eating heathy and exercising are the keys to slim physique. But for some reason, these don’t always work. Why?

While there’s no clear answer because everyone is truly different and has different lifestyle, genes etc. there are some things you may be interested in to know why you’re not losing weight.

#1 Stress. You’re might be stressed at work, home with kids or relationships, and then on top of it you’re stressing out your body with too much cardio. While cardio has lots of benefits for your health, running too much isn’t as healthy either. 

What to do instead: do small bursts of cardio daily by taking stairs, playing with your kids, plenty of walks. But when it comes to heavy cardio like jumping and fast running, stick to 3-4 times a week max. To distress from daily routines, find time to pray and ask God to give you piece on the inside, to do deep breathing exercises and anything that relaxes you such as warm bubble bath before bed (that already sounds so great!). Remember that everything that happens in your mind will affect your body.

#2. You’re not patient for the results. Gaining weight is a quick process if you’re overeating on unhealthy food, but losing it seems like eternity, You need to prepare yourself that this is quite a process.

#3. Your have hormonal imbalance. When your hormones are all over the place, you may have excess hunger or slow metabolism. If you think it could be the case, I suggest doing simple tests at doctor’s to see if your hormones are in check. They’ll probably run hyrioid test too to see your health. 

#4. You’re unaware of how much you eat. Counting calories doesn’t work for everyone but for some, it’s a great way to find out where you’re at. It might be hard to rely on your own feelings when you just started your weight loss journey and used to bigger portion of food.

#5: Your weekend binges undo your healthy routine 

If you binge on sugar or fried food or alcohol too much on weekends, you eat too much despite heaving healthy routine mon – fri. All in moderation, if you’re hungry for some type of junk good satisfy your craving after you eat a healthy meal. A small indulge won’t do much. Also the more healthy food you’ll be eating, the less you’ll want to eat junk because you’ll feel the difference in your stomach. Changing lifestyle in a root isn’t easy, if you’ve been eating junk food all your life I don’t doubt it will take time to adjust to a new healthy routine, but in the end it will be worth it. 

I hope this will help to realize mistakes you might have been making and get on your weight loss journey fast to see results soon.

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