How to build the legs of your dreams


Everybody is different. We have different fitness goals, too. Here I want to give tips on how to 1) either get lean, long, model-like legs 2) or strong, shredded, muscular legs.

I’ll begin with the first.

If your goal is to have model-like legs, you need to avoid “too heavy” exercises and especially those that include your quads. Victoria’s secret models use lots of resistance bands for their workouts and do body-strength type of exercises such as walking lunges without holding any weights (or low weights). You need to perform a lot of cardio, such as walking and running, and avoid doing too much HIIT workout or running up the hill as it can build more muscle.

Here’s more examples of exercises to do:

Pile Slides

Hip Extensions (with resistance bands)

Wall Sit 

Bridges (can go with heavier weight for this one)

One leg squats 

However, your nutrition plays the most important role. You can do “slimming” workouts all day but if you’re not in calorie deficit, you won’t lose leg fat and so your legs won’t be getting slim and lean. You can calculate the amount of calories you need to eat per day to lose fat or try to control your portions. If you’re already slim and just want to tone your legs, pay more attention to your training and make sure to exercise legs 2-3 times a week.

If your goal is to gain muscle on your legs and have shredded, muscular legs, you need to train them heavy and avoid cardio. You can do lighter weights exercises in between of heavy sets to pump your heart. Your calorie intake has to be in surplus, which means you need to eat more to gain muscle. Note, that women can’t get legs as buff as men’s naturally, even with diet and exercise, but you can gain muscle and definition. 

Exercises to do: 

Barbell Squat 

Leg Press

Leg Extensions

Lying Leg Curls

Calf Raises with weights 

And again, when you’re trying to build your legs, your diet plays an important tole. When you’re in caloric deficit and already have slim physique you still can lift heavy even if you don’t want much muscle because your muscles need food to grow, and since you’re controlling it your legs muscles will be just getting more toned. 

I hope this helps and happy training!

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