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 How to look the best for your photoshoot 


As photographer I know that many times the way you look on the picture may not be the way you look in real life. As an example, if you came to photoshoot bloated and wore certain unflattering clothes, you will look bigger than you are. And as a personal trainer, I want to share tips on how to look lean, slim, and just your best for photoshoot so you feel good about sharing those photos with your family and friends.

#1. Water retention 

As I mentioned above, retaining water and being bloated can make you look and feel bigger than you are and it comes down to the foods you ate before your photoshoot and also the time of the month. Periods can totally make you look more “puffy” so if it’s possible, reschedule a photoshoot a week later. To avoid a popping belly, especially if you’re wearing tight clothes, I suggest to eat normal size balanced meal about 4 hours before a photoshoot and if you’re very hungry, eat a small piece of dark chocolate because it’s high fat fiber which will temporarily satisfy your appetite without making your tummy big. As an example, eating banana is a healthy choice for a every day snack but before a photoshoot it’s not a good idea as it will expand your belly. You can also choose not to snack. 

If bloating still persists, try these several tricks:

  • drink lots of water. So called water weight is created when you eat too much salt and sugar so all the liquids stay in you body but what we want instead is to fill up on water to clean everything out and feel lean and not bloated. Just make sure to do it few hours before a photoshoot, not right before, as too much liquid at the same time will temporarily expand our stomach (even though a few hours later you will look leaner).
  • take a bath with epsom salt to get rid of excess water weight, make sure to drink water while in bath. 
  • Do this body wrap: mix 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with half cup if water and run it on your problem areas like belly, and wrap it with plastic wrap. Remove it in 20-30 mins. 
  • Sweat: in a sauna, or during exercise.


If you have a week or more to prepare:

  • Take probiotic supplements for gut health.
  • Eat healthy in general.

#2. Don’t be afraid to go a bit bolder with your makeup. In real life, just a little bit of mascara and clear lipgloss may be totally enough but on photos you’ll look more tired. Don’t go overboard, but also don’t be afraid to do a bit extra, especially with the under eye area, eyes and blush to look fresh and rested.

#3. Know how to dress.

If you have extra weight in your lower body, wear black or dark clothing from waist down and from waist up wear lighter clothing, or the other way around. Drag attention to the best areas you’ve got: if you have a small waist, for example, wear a belt or high top jeans, skirt.

#4. Move, move, move! Even if you don’t feel like you know a lot of poses, don’t be afraid to be a little crazy and move a lot. Put a hand on your shoulder, then play with your hair, it’s going to be the best for you if you can choose pictures later rather than you having  20 photos in the same pose.

I hope that helps,

Happy photo shooting!

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