How to lose stomach fat


I’ve seen many people who struggle to lose belly fat. They don’t have much extra weight but it feels like all the fat from around the body goes only to the stomach area.

Stomach fat is dangerous. Many researches found that those who have excess fat inside the abdomen have higher risk of getting heart disease, cancer and dementia. 

First of all, let’s see the potential reasons of belly fat and then I’ll share my tips on how to get rid of it.

The biggest reasons of belly fat are :

– Unhealthy lifestyle (eating too much junk food but in particular, sugar is the worst offender)

– Lack of exercise (some research shows exercising plays even higher role than dieting when it comes to belly fat in particular) 

– Lack of sleep (it is often WHY you can’t lose belly fat as a mom)

– Stress (stress releases hormone called cortisol which makes you gain fat in stomach area and makes it hard to lose it).

And in details…

  • You have an apple shape, which means all of the extra fat in your body will first be going into stomach, chest, and sometimes arms area, also creating love handle on your back (and the extra fat is created by bad eating habits and lack of workouts). 
  • You had a child birth and didn’t eat healthy or exercised during pregnancy.
  • You have health conditions such as Polycystic ovary syndrome that makes it hard to lose it.

So where do you start to get rid of it as fast as possible?

Let’s begin.

#1. Swap unhealthy foods on healthy and eat superfoods 

Make healthy changes in your diet and you’ll see progress over time. Their are certain foods that help to burn belly fat. They aren’t a magic wand but it will help you when you include them into your daily menu.

  • Avocados 

They contain healthy fats that help to stop blood sugar spikes which lead to fat around midsection.

  • Bananas 

High in potassium, they’ll help to reduce sodium and reduce bloating. 

  • Yogurt

For the power of probiotics to your gut!


For improving blood flow before workouts.

-Green tea

Has been shown to help to speed up metabolism. Drink 4-5 cups a day for best results or take supplement.


Some research suggests taking citrus helps to burn fat more efficiently during workouts. 

  • Oily fish

Omega3 has been shown to fight belly fat in particular, so eat high quality salmon or at least take fish oil.

The worst foods for belly are those that are bad for your whole body: soda, cakes, highly processed foods, greasy and deep fried foods.

#2. Exercise (+do this SECRET exercise for belly fat).

Exercise doesn’t just burn calories to help lose fat. It also speeds up metabolism, tones up muscles, improves posture and it all plays role in having toned, tight tummy. As you probably heard, you can’t (spot reduce) fat, so doing more crunches in order to get rid of tummy fat won’t help. However, working out these muscles is essential for two big reasons: the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn so it will be easier to stay fit, and also once you start seeing fat diminishing you want to see toned muscles underneath which can be only done by ab exercises, not overall cardio workouts. Another great plus is that once you have more muscle in your stomach area, you don’t have to have super low body fat percentage in oder to see abs as they will be popping even at a bit higher body fat.

Also its important to strengthen back muscles for proper posture.


I highly recommend doing this “vacuum “ exercise to help tighten up those problem areas. It can actually make your waist smaller. Do this daily but also try to flex your ab muscles any time you walk, get up, carry something etc.

To perform vacuum:

Stand upright and exhale all the air out of your lungs. Bring your stomach in as far as possible so it feels like it’s touching your T-bone. Hold, then breath in and relax. Repeat several times. 

#3. Balance hormones 

Belly fat can be a result from problems with your hormones. There are a lot of things that may affect it. Unfortunately sometimes even doctors won’t go into details of recognizing the problem. The biggest reason for hormones misbalance is stress and lack of sleep. The more stress is created, the more stress hormone (cortisol) is released which can affect how quick you store body fat, especially in stomach area.

#4. Fix diastasic 

I talk about it more in my other article but diastasic recti is an ab separation that occurs mostly after pregnancy or after losing “beer belly”. Since the gap between muscles stays open, it creates a “pooch” that you can’t close even with strict diets. Special type of ab workouts can help to close it. In some cases, exercise cannot help, and then surgery can be performed to close it.

#5. Eat mindfully, small and often

It’s important to eat mindfully to not eat more than you really need. Eating in front of TV, or on the go aren’t good habits that may make you eat more. Recently intermittent fasting has gained popularity. To my own experience, eating smaller amounts of foods and more often works better for most women. They feel more energized and less bloated after meals. For men intermittent fasting could be a way to lose fat faster. However in any case I don’t recommend eating too close to bedtime because it creates bloating, often interrupts sleep and surprisingly makes you hungrier next the morning. 

Hopefully with these tips you’ll be able to get on your journey of losing dangerous belly fat and get healthy and fit as soon as possible!


I put my effort, time and passion into writing this blog. My blog is ads-free for your convenience. If you desire, you can donate using this link below. Thank you!

– Nadine


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