This is how you can look more toned, refreshed, and pretty – all overnight 


It’s not a time to talk about creating healthy routines and following them, or progress you’ve made or want to make; you’ve got one day to look your best, and there are urgent ways to look your best ASAP. I’ve had those days when I realized I had a fitness photoshoot next day, or any type of photoshoot, and just the day before I could get bloated, get a zit or something else (of course, it never happens on other days). Follow my proven, simple techniques to look flawless and more shredded in just one day.

To get slimmer waist, more shredded abs you need to:

 – drink lots of pure water the day before and detox tea. No, I’m not talking about those that claim you lose weight; a dandelion tea has natural properties to cleanse your liver. It will help with bloating and also will help you to wake up feeling fresh, and If you ate sugar before bed, you might notice you wake up bloated and tired and just feeling “blah”. This tea will help to “undo” the damage and cleanse your system.

  • eat lots of vegetables, fruit, and avoid greasy or sugary foods that day especially. A piece of dark chocolate would be fine, just don’t binge on it too much because the cocoa has a lot of fiber which can create bloating.
  • Be aware of any food sensitivities if you have any – and avoid them. You might not be allergic but intolerant to some foods. If you remember yourself getting bloated after having a latte, it could be milk that causes it. Avoid it for today to not create bloating.
  • If bloating persists, make yourself a waist wrap. Take 1/2 cup of water and 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. Then with a soft sponge, or paper towel, wet the belly and waist area well and wrap plastic over it. Leave it for 1 hour, then wash it off. It will help you to sweat and the vinegar will temporarily reduce bloating and make you look slimmer. Another recipe is to grab a belly wrap – yep, those that claim to sweat and lose fat – but no they won’t reduce fat however, they do help to sweat in that area, so again it will temporarily make your abs more shredded, wear it during workout or while moving around the house.
  • Sauna, or just any sweaty workout will do job as well. 
  • Finally, to look slimmer by tomorrow get into the Epsom salt bath. Pour Epsom salt according to directions on a package and relax in a bath for 15-20 mins. Make sure to drink water before and after to not get too dehydrated. This is a secret many models and actresses use before an important event.

Clearer skin

As I mentioned above, it always happens before an important event, we get zits and other imperfections. This often has to do with stress. But this routine will help to wake up with brighter, prettier skin.

After cleansing your face, steam it. You can steam over a pot, so the steam isn’t too hot but feels warm. Just boil a pot of clean water and add some baking soda for oily skin or chamomile for sensitive and dry. Then, use either microdermabrasion system (if you’ve got one, which I highly recommend – and there are good and affordable ones available on the market such as Neutrogena (I’m not sponsored by it) or a face scrub. Then, use glycolic acid lotion to brighten skin. Next, use this homemade mask, which will help to improve skin complexion and tighten up pores. Simply mix 1 egg with a squeeze of lemon for oily skin, or a drop of facial oil (olive, grape seed, coconut) for dry skin. Remove mask with warm water in 10 mins and put moisturizer. The last step is to spray your face with rose water to keep skin refreshed. Sleep on a silky pillowcase. Sweet dreams! You’ll love your skin tomorrow, it will be clear, clan, and fresh looking.

I hope these tips help to look your best by tomorrow!

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