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“Why am I not losing weight?”


To see results of weight loss and or muscle gain, everyone needs patience. It takes time, and no one can tell how much exactly you’ll need since it depends on the effort that’s put into it, age, metabolism, overall health and lifestyle etc. 

But sometimes, even with hard work and timing there’s still no “wanted” results. Why is that?

Let’s break it down to points and possible reasons so you can work them out and finally achieve physique you want.

  1. You think you’re eating healthy but.. you forget that bread with butter you ordered before your salad, the weekend cheat meal that turned into cheat day and so on. Many people don’t realize that if they follow plan of 1800 calories a day but eat over 3000 on weekends, weight loss won’t happen. Try to pay closer attention on everything that goes in your stomach.

2) Eating too little.

Yes, it might be the case too! It is true your metabolism slows down when you eat too small. If you starve yourself, not only you’re likely to binge later but also your body will hold onto everything you eat to store for energy and it definitely won’t want to give away fat. You’ll mess up your hormones, you won’t have energy to move around, and in the end no weight loss will happen. For muscle gain, it’s also just as important to eat enough to help your body to have enough energy to lift and gain muscle. Not only your diet should have a lot of protein but also carbs and fats because they play important roles too. Always stick to lean protein (lean meat, Greek yogurt, egg whites, protein powder are just some examples) complex carbs (sweet potatoes, brown rice, bulgur) and healthy fats (raw nuts, salmon, flaxseeds, chia, avocados) for your health.

3) Your workout routine consists of too much cardio

Cardio helps to burn calories but when you overdo it, your body is under stress. When cortisol (stress hormone) is released, your metabolism slows down and you may get increased appetite and cravings. Recent studies show that HIIT workouts work the best for fat loss. HIIT is short, bursted movements that make your heart rate go up in seconds and it doesn’t need to be performed for a long period of time. Doing burpees, jumping, jumping on jump rope are examples of HIIT. It won’t however work for obese people as it will put too much pressure on joints and heart. 

4) You don’t get enough sleep and rest

Sleep to lose fat! When our body is tired, they’re under stress similar to too much cardio. Bad sleeping habits create cravings for sugar and extra food to replenish energy with food instead of sleep. Aim for 8 hours a night or try your best.

5) You might have health issues 

Thyroid problems, pre-diabetes and hormonal issues can create troubles losing weight. It’s a good idea to check with your doctor.

6) You’re overtraining 

I wrote another article on overtraining, because working out too much can be a problem as well. Too much intense exercise creates hormonal issues and leaves person always tired and hungry. Rest days are also important days.

7) You don’t exercise hard enough 

You can’t expect too much if your gym schedule is on and off. Stay consistent and patient and results will come!

8)  Deep inside you’re not ready to give up your bad habits. You might be ordering salad for lunch but an hour later you’ll eat croissants with butter and some candy afterwards. Deep inside, you just don’t want to take it under your control. It seems so hard, so long, that it just better to leave it as it is. Kick those thoughts! Of course it won’t be always perfect, there will be bad days. But that’s not the point. The point is that little by little you’ll be reaching your goal. And if you started last week this week you’d already be somewhere and in 2 months your friends would start to wonder what you’re doing to look so great. Keep yourself motivated! 

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