How to grow glutes and get thinner waist 


 Hourglass physique has been popular for many years. Women used to wear tight corsets to make their waist look smaller even centuries ago. Building glutes is just like building any other muscle on your body: it requires heavy lifting and proper nutrition (enough protein in your diet) to build it, and time to see results.

 Let’s first take a look at my nutrition tips on getting thinner waist: 

  1. Avoid big portions

Before you start shaping your waist, you need to be in a healthy weight that can be achieved with healthy eating, mindful portions and exercise.

Besides eating clean, you need to avoid eating big portions of food and avoid certain foods that make you bloated. Eating smaller meals frequently is the best because it will help to avoid ”food baby” belly.

2. Avoid specific foods. Foods that should be avoided are those that make you bloated. Too much sugar, processed foods, soda will make your tummy bigger temporary. And if you continue eating those foods, bloating can stay for days. It’s important to eat a lot of fiber. However, there are some healthy foods such as broccoli, beans and raw nuts that are full of fiber but may make you bloated too. You need to try eating them to see yourself if they cause any bloating. Have you ever wondered why you’re bloated after morning latte? Dairy products can make your stomach big and also gassy. When you notice foods that make you bloated,  try to avoid them.

3. Eat slowly

Chew throughly to not let too much air come in through your mouth into your tummy.

4. Take probiotics

To support gut health. Start with lower dose, slowly moving to higher.

Training for waist and abs 

There are specific workouts you should do and some to avoid. 

Exercises that should be avoided: 

– Oblique exercises or anything that’s made to exercise the sides or your stomach. Dumbbell Side Band,Oblique V Up won’t make your waist smaller. Many people think that by working out those areas they’ll get rid of “love handles” or fat on the sides of waist, or just make it look smaller, but they’re wrong. General exercise and diet will always help to lose fat while those exercises will build muscle around the waist. For men, it’s not problem to build bigger waist but most women want abs and thin waist, not a big and thick waist.

 – Exercises that should be performed are those that work the front of abs. If you’re going for more of a small, feminine physique, then do ab workouts with no weights. Occasionally you can add some light weights to your ab workouts, but do not overdo it since it will build too much muscle on the front of your stomach as well. Exercise your abs at least 3 times a week for best results.

The last tip:

“Secret” exercise for small physique:

Well, maybe it’s no secret but many people still don’t know about it. Arnold Shwartsneiher used to use this to avoid bulky waist.

For women that gave birth or have weak muscles on stomach this exercise will help to tighten stomach and get leaner waist.

To perform vacuum exercise:

Stand up right, exhale all the air out of your lungs. Bring your stomach in as much as possible, and hold it for as long as you can. Take a breath and repeat. Do this exercise daily on empty stomach.

Since I’ve mentioned corsets, I need to say they are not recommended and even dangerous to wear for a long period of time. It puts too much pressure on organs and restricts deep breathing that is important to do for healthy physique and healthy mind. On the top of complications that may occur, it takes years of wearing them non-stop to achieve results that aren’t guaranteed.


Booty building 

While doing exercises without weights will still bring results, it takes longer and brings more of the cardiovascular benefits rather than growth. In order to feel your butt muscle burning, you’d need to do a lot of squats versus with weights it’d be much faster and more effective.

Weight lifting can not only help to build muscle but also tone it, and may even help to reduce cellulite, even though it’s no always the case. However, if you don’t have an access to weights or gym you can start with no weights and then try to grab any possible weight around the house such as water bottles, for example.

Now, let’s talk about which exercises to do, and which ones to avoid to gain muscle on your glutes and preserve the “thigh gap”.

I’ll start with the most popular one: squats. When you perform squats, do not go low (despite people saying you need to do so). This way you workout your quads (legs) more. What you need to do is to perform a half-squat where you go not too low so you feel your glutes burning. Try to squeeze them every time you squat. The best way to do it is to hold weights on your shoulders or above your head. Try to avoid holding weights in the front because again, we are not trying to build the front of the legs. 

My most favorite exercises for butt building are:

  • barbell flute bridge – one of the best ones for booty building!
  • Single leg RDL with dumbbell – I prefer it over cables 
  • Shoulder-elevated hip thrust 
  • Dumbbell split squats – as I’m writing this, I can barely sit because I did those last night and trust me, my butt is on fire! 🙂
  • Kettlebell swings – hold your stomach tight when you perform and it will workout your abs too (safe for diastasic recti)
  • Star jumps – they’re also great to tone up inner thighs area.

Perform these butt-building exercises at least 2x a week.

Doing cardio can add slimming effect to your legs. But don’t overdo it because it will also take away your booty gains. Don’t be afraid to work out your legs with weights, even if you’re not going for the muscular legs look, just don’t do too many heavy weights on your quads. Every time you workout your legs and glutes, make sure most of the weights go on the back of your legs not the front, and don’t forget to squeeze those muscles. 

Nutrition. When building a muscle, it’s important to eat enough. You can bump up your calories just a bit, but make sure they come from healthy, “clean” foods and get at least 70g of protein a day. 

Hope that helps,


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