What is the best workout for YOUR body type? 


Losing weight overall in your body and toning it up cannot be done wrong. However, as you lose fat you may notice some areas get thinner fast and some are very “stubborn” to reduce. We all have different body types and because of that, some of us have more fat in some areas than others.

There are few groups of body “shapes” which I’ll discuss in details. But before I begin, I do need to say that your nutrition plays the most important role. It is the most “slimming” workout you’ll find! Workouts will help to speed up the process of losing fat and tone up those areas so you can see beautiful muscle definition. Also if your body percentage is fairly high, you may have more than just one “problem” area but when you’ll lose some fat it will come down to one and eventually zero of those body areas where you want to look slimmer. 

Pear shape

Pear shape body type has most of the fat on tights, butt, and hips ( sometimes calves too). What many do wrong is starting working them out every day, hoping to “spot” reduce fat. However, working out legs too much will make pear shaped body to gain even more size in legs, as it takes longer to lose fat than gain muscle, especially for beginners. Here’s what I recommend to do:

  1. Don’t do incline cardio, too much stair master, or HIIT workouts. Since your goal is to slim your leg down, you want to do lots of walking. By a lot, I do mean it! 45 mins to an hour of brisk walking a day, and it needs to be done at least 3 times a week. You can also alternate running and walking, for better fat burn. 
  2. Perform exercises with resistance bands, some weights, but don’t do too much exercises like squats that will bulk up your legs more. When you get to the body percentage you want and slim down your legs, you can start doing more heavy exercises to grow muscle that will be seen (think of beautiful muscle definition) that’s not covered under fat (big, bulky thighs with no muscle seen visually). 
  3. Many experts agree that for pear shape body it’s important to eat less fat. Because carbs are used first for energy, and fat is stored for “later”, it takes longer to “activate” fat for energy so to speed up the process of losing fat in thighs, eat more lean protein and complex carbs and less fats. Calcium supplement is recommended. 

Apple shape

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Apple shape have fat stored mostly in their bellies, as well as chest, arms, and back. 

  1. For training, I recommend to focus on exercises that burn fat and include your core. Exercises such as Burpees will do the job. HIIT cardio helps to burn belly fat more effective than simple running or walking. Using jump rope is a great idea too. Doing 1000 crunches per day won’t make you lose fat on your waist, but doing core exercises will help to tighten and tone up stomach. Add 10-15 min core workout to the end of each exercise session you do, at least 3 times a week. 

2) Sugar is the worst offender to those who have belly fat. Try to cut down processed sugar as much as possible, replacing it with healthier carbs and fats. Fish oil is recommended to take for those who have belly fat.


This “boyish” and thin type of body usually have lack of curves. 

  1. Since losing fat isn’t a deal, a good workout will be the one that consists of lots of heavy lifting which will bring some curves and muscle definition. Cardio can be done for health purpose only as too much of it will give a “skinny fat” look. Toned muscles on “straight” body shape will look amazing, and there’s no reason to fear heavier weights. 
  2. Healthy diet in general is recommended. 

Hourglass physique

It’s pretty much the type of physique most women want to get. 

1) General exercise with some cardio and weight training and a healthy diet is recommended. I also advice to avoid exercises that include weights for working out abs, to avoid bulking up the waist. 


I hope these tips help and happy training!


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– Nadine


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