How to get everything out of your workout for faster results

Time is precious. With every gym session, you want to see results. Here’s how to maximize fat loss, muscle gain and get the most out of your workout!


  1. Get some rest. If you had a long day, it would be a great idea to take a little nap and then go to the gym.
  2. When rest isn’t an option, caffeine may help. Some studies show it may help to burn more calories too, simply because you feel energized.
  3. Take supplements that promote fat loss and faster recovery for the next exercise session. Taking green tea extract has been shown to help burn more calories, and supplementing with BCAA’s will aid in muscle recovery, so you’ll feel less sore.
  4. Mentally, prepare for in-and-out session. No standing around checking social media, texting, etc. Get it done before or afterwards because you are here to exercise!
  5. Make sure to eat, but not to overeat before working out. You shouldn’t feel like you’re starving when you’re heading for a sweaty workout because you simply won’t have energy for it. At the same time, when you’re too full, you’ll feel relaxed and not ready for exercise. And if you will attempt doing it, you might start feeling sick in your stomach and get stomachache.



  1. When you exercise, try to push yourself harder. When you feel a little discomfort, keep going until it feels like you can’t manage it anymore. Also, whenever you perform any toning or weight lifting exercise, keep your stomach “in” and squeeze the muscle you work on. This is challenging, but it’s going to bring results! If you’re used to walking, try to alternate walking and running for better burn.

2. Another great idea is to do high intensity cardio moves between sets to burn more   fat. For example, if you squat heavy, then after performing a squat do some jumps with a jumping rope and then come back to a squat. By the end of your workout you’ll burn more calories and tone up more muscle groups on the top of building muscle.


  1. After workout, take a hot shower and relax in a sauna if you can to reduce soreness. Drink lots of fluids.
  2. Eat foods that recover sore muscles and reduce fatigue. You need some simple carbohydrates like dried fruit, protein source such as protein powder, and foods that decrease inflammation such as kale and tart cherries (you can add both to your smoothie).
  3. Try to get a good night sleep. Nothing recovers you better than that! You will wake up fresh and full of energy for another exercise session.


I hope this helps to achieve your goals faster!


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