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“Slimming” exercises to avoid for thinner waist

If you recently got into fitness, you may be surprised to find out your waist has actually increased in size since you started working out. No woman or man wants a “blocky”, square-shaped waist, so why exactly it happens?

There are certain exercises that grow obliques, or muscles one the side of the waist. While they may look attractive when you’re not wearing a shirt, under clothes they definitely create extra size and ruin the hourglass physique many women try to achieve.

Does it mean you need to avoid working out your abs? The answer is no. You still need to exercise your abs if you want slim waist and tight stomach, or abs definition.

So here are the exercises that should be done with caution. You don’t need to always avoid them, but I highly recommend to perform them less often if you want to keep your waist tight.

  • Weighted side legs raises 

You might have been doing this exercise for your legs, as many people call it ‘slimming” exercise for tights. However, be aware it grows the sides of your waist, if you do it with or without weights.

  • Decline weighted sit-ups

I often see people doing this one, and even thought it seems to be targeting front abs, it also grows the obliques.

  • Side planks

When I was starting working out, I was researching what exercises Victoria’s secret models do. I found this one and thought it’s a great exercise for shaping waist. However, the model who was performing this exercise daily didn’t have a nice waist, to my surprise. She had a fit stomach ans abs, but kind of a square-shaped waist. With more personal experience and research, I’ve learned this exercise can grow side of the stomach. You can perform it once in a while for variation of your workout routine, but I don’t recommend doing it too often.

  • Band-resistant Anti-rotational Press

When I started doing this exercise, I loved the results it gave me at first. Nice obliqie muscles looked good when I was wearing bikini, but over time I noticed I’m losing my small waist.

Again, every of this exercise I mentioned here, you can do in moderation but avoid doing it too much. There are also more workout moves out there that exercise sides of your waist. It doesn’t mean you have to fear them, but you also shouldn’t be doing too many of them if your goal is to preserve small waist and get abs definition at the same time.

What exercises to do?

Fortunately, there are plenty of exercises that workout front of your abs such as: forearm planks, bird dog crunch, mountain climbers, leg lift, scissors, boat pose.

And of course, remember that healthy diet will help you to decrease body fat percentage and see positive results in your waist and body overall.

Do the right type of workouts to see the results you want!


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– Nadine



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