Best restaurants to try in Naples, Florida

First time we visited Naples was on our honeymoon 6 years ago. Since then, we’ve been going there at least once a year or even more.

Luxury houses, soft-sand beach, and high-end restaurants on beautiful 5th Ave South simply cannot leave you without desiring to go back.

While there are many places to eat at, I want to share the list of our favorites, must-try restaurants in the area:

  1. Tin city

There are two restaurants at Tin city, Pinchers and Riverwalk. They are casual style seafood restaurants with view on local Marina. There’s also delicious ice cream shop, and lots of gift shops inside the Tin city.


2. The Cafe

Located on 5th Ave South, the street that leads to the ocean, The Cafe has plenty of healthy options for breakfast and lunch (open until 3pm). You can get freshly squeezed juices and smoothies there, organic food and vegan bowls and more. We love coming there!

IMG_6881 (1).jpg


3. Yabba Grill

Serves delicious seafood, including full – size lobster.  Located on 5th Ave S.


4. Bice Naples

Offers variety of food for lunch and dinner, and has wonderful latte which I get every time I visit! Located on 5th Ave S.

5. Ocean Prime

Seafood restaurant serving steak and long wine list. Located on 5th Ave S.

6. The French

It’s one of the kind place! While portions are small, as it is in Europe, and it’s pricey, the quality of food and service is on the top, too. Treat yourself! Located on 5th Ave S.

7. Sea Salt

Located on 3rd St S, which is another street full of restaurants, it serves variety of seafood with different salts and spices. Unique place to try.



I hope you enjoy your stay in Naples!

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– Nadine



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