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How to get fit once and pretty much, forever


“Getting fit takes too much work. When I get fit, I have to continue dieting, suffer with long daily workouts, and it’s just too much for me. I better stay where I’m at”.

Many of us get these thoughts at one point of a fitness journey. You get motivated when you start losing weight, but it feels too hard to continue this way.

Going from heavy to skinny isn’t easy process. It’s going to take some time to change your habits. You simply cannot make your body crave broccoli overnight if all you ate before was fried food and sugar.

However, to think that you will ALWAYS have to suffer dieting and doing incredible amount of exercise is wrong. It is because our bodies aren’t just calories in – calories out machines, the way we feel and what we choose to eat, and even how much calories we burn depends on different factors. Let me explain it all below.

  1. You need to understand you’re not depriving yourself but you make yourself beautiful and strong by eating healthy.

When you switch to eating healthy, you may start feeling like you’re depriving yourself by avoiding eating something yummy you’re used to eat before. To avoid this feeling, you first need to prepare a list of healthy foods you’ll be eating, and choose those that you prefer. That means, if you follow some general healthy eating guidelines or healthy eating plan, you can always switch up sources of protein, carbs and veggies depending on your taste preferences. If your plan calls for chicken, rice and broccoli for dinner, you can have salmon, sweet potatoes and asparagus, for example. Healthy eating needs to be fun. Not feeling like having that type of food at all? Make a smoothie bowl, cook oatmeal with fruits, treat yourself with unsweetened Greek yogurt and honey, drink protein shake, or make whole grain sandwich with avocado. The healthy options are endless, and you should eat what you’re feeling to.

Also, every time you choose to eat healthy over unhealthy, you need to remember you’re on the way to build stronger and healthier body. Plan on your cheat meals ahead and you’ll feel good about the way you eat and still enjoy favorite unhealthy foods.

2. Muscle memory will make you stay lean.

Muscle can “remember” it when you exercise consistently. So in order for you to stay fit even when you’re taking breaks from exercise – and stay lean without excessive amount of workouts – is by building muscle. In a long run, it will keep you lean. I still suggest doing cardio for warm-ups and for heart health, but you don’t need to suffer with long daily cardio sessions as in the end, muscle is what will keep you lean and too much cardio “eats up” the muscle. I used to workout extremely hard daily – but now I don’t need to and in order to stay super lean, I can just exercise 3 times a week on a comfortable level. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome!

3.  Eating habits are created over time, too.

As I mentioned earlier, it also takes time to establish new habits, but to my own experience I know it changes over time when you stay consistent with healthy eating. Your body will get used to natural food and you just won’t be able to eat a lot of junk, and if you do you’ll feel sick.

4. Choose long term over short term.


Quick diets don’t work because they deprive your body too much and while you do lose weight at first, there’s no progress later on. It’s better if you establish healthy routine little by little, for example replacing few unhealthy foods you eat to healthy, starting drinking more water, adding one green smoothie a day etc. As in a long run, that will help you to lose weight and stay in the same shape without going back and fourth.


I hope this helps you to get in shape and stay lean all the time!



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– Nadine


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