25 fun ideas on where to take kids on cold fall or winter day around Twin Cities

In Minnesota, we have a lot of cold days. You definitely don’t want your kids get bored during long winter, so here’s my unique list of fun places to visit on a cold winter or fall day!

  1. Have a cupcake date and play time at Amy’s Cupcake Shop in Hopkins

It’s not a big play area, but there is kitchen to play with and some costumes to try on.


2.  Visit Fig+Farro cafe in Downtown Minneapolis

They have healthy options and a small play area as well.

3. Do grocery shopping + have play time at Whole Foods in Maple Grove.

Another small but fun play area for kids indoors.

4. Visit this beautiful aquarium in Roseville

SeaQuest aquarium is simply amazing place where you get to not only look at the sea creatures, but touch and feed the animals. Hands-on experience is absolutely worth the admission!


3. Visit one of these indoor playgrounds:

This is a list of our favorites!

  • PlaySpace MN in Monticello has a lot of crafts to do, tons of toys to play with, and even a sandbox to dig.
  • Jungle Boogie in Robbinsdale has inflatables, a huge ball pool to jump in and more.
  • Inneractive in Minnetonka is made to jump, play with soccer balls, go down the slides and burn energy.
  • Playground Plaza in Maple Grove, similar to Interactive.
  • Pinwheel Play in Chaska has all kind of activities for kids and toddlers, including painting and crafts.
  • Minisota Play Cafe offers variety pretend play activities and coffee for adults with snacks, located in Champlin.


  • Rainbow Midwest in Bloomington is basically a place with lots of cool playgrounds together where kids can play, slide and swing as they do during summer months in outdoor parks.


  • Eagles Nest Playground is a fun playground for kids and toddlers (there’s toddlers area), and they have open gym days as well.


4. Visit indoor pool

Many Lifetime gyms, YMCA and Community Centers offer pools for kids.

5. Libraries

Offer free play areas and books to read. Our favorite is in Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park.

6. Nature centers

Many nature centers in Twin Cities have small indoor play areas where you can play for free.

7. Join Mall of America Toddler Tuesday

They often have cartoon characters, activities and games for toddlers and discounted admission for rides.

8. Sea World, Nickelodeon Universe, Crayola Experince and Mirror Maze in Mall of America

Always everybody’s favorites.


9. Visit St. Paul Children’s Museum.

10. Take a trip to Mankato to Children’s museum.

They have wonderful museum for toddlers! It’s worth the drive! Plus, more things to explore there. In the winter they have Christmas lights parade, during warmer months you can feed animals at a playground called Sibley Park. 1,5 hours drive from Twin Cities. There’s another Children’s Museum in Rochester, we haven’t got there yet.

11. Take a trip to Fawn-doe-rosa.

If it’s not too cold yet / already, you can visit this wonderful place to feed the deer and other animals. An hour drive from Twin Cities.

5A481018-6A66-4141-A6E1-6E9CF360AA87 (1)

12. In the fall, go to pumpkin patch.

Our favorite is Dehn’s pumpkins in Dayton.

IMG_9104 (1)

13. … or apple orchard

We love to visit Fall Harvest Orchard and Deer Lake orchard. Both have lots of fun activities for kids such as corn pit, animals to pet and more.

14. Take a trip to Duluth

For indoor Aquarium (super fun place!), for food, and Christmas lights.


15. Join Christmas events

Such as Lunch with Santa in Maple Grove Community Center.

16. Join a painting class

At Jane Studio, or Color Me Mine.


17. Go to Minnesota Zoo

They have different things to do inside, during coldest winter months they offered a big sandbox with toys to play at and more.


18. Firefighter’s museum

Girls like it, too! Explore the Firefighter’s trucks and let your child have fun time pretending that he or she is a Firefighter.

19. Como Zoo and Conservatory

Como Zoo has a small indoor play area for kids, as well as the Conservatory is fun to visit during winter months to see beautiful flowers.


20. Visit Maplewood Mall

For Carousel, Train rides and small play area.

21. Go to Rigedale mall

There’s a play area as well, free to visit.

22. Go horseback riding

Yep, even in the winter! Fun and unusual experience, best for older kids.

23. Take a train ride at Minnesota Transportation Museum or Streetcar Museum

Both are fun to visit!

24. Go to science museum in St Paul.

Also mostly for older kids.

25. Take them sledding.

Places like Elm Creek park offers tubing for kids 4 years and older.


I hope you enjoy this article! I put my effort, time and passion into writing this blog. My blog is ads-free for your convenience. If you desire, you can donate using this link below. Thank you!

– Nadine







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